These recipes have been created with the intention of being simple, nutritious and tasty. As many people are time poor, cooking can become less of a priority. The dishes are designed to be easy to source (often what may already be in the fridge or pantry), easy to prepare and easy to cook.

All of the recipes have a description of the health benefits of the ingredients or the meal. Some of the recipes are variations of old favourites – like pumpkin soup, which you prepare with chickpeas, for additional protein, more fibre and to help to minimise blood sugar rise after a meal. Others are using ingredients that some people do not usually experiment cooking with- such as tofu or quinoa; and then some were created with particular health benefits for certain patient groups.

Sardines with tomato and green beans Apple and Blueberry Tofu muffins Summer barley salad Cauliflower and cannellini soup Fragrant lamb and vegetable mince and Quinoa with Roast Beetroot and mint Granola Pear Chocolate Crumble Pumpkin and red lentil sweet muffins Quinoa breakfast fruit and seed loaf Quinoa Porridge Quinoa Salad Roast pumpkin chickpea soup Roasted pumpkin tofu curry Banana Breakfast Bread Calamari Al forno (Oven Baked Calamari) Rainbow meat loaf recipe