Irritable Bowel syndrome and Probiotics –
not all probiotics are the same!

Probiotics are the friendly bacteria that live in the digestive tract. They are live organisms that are believed to cause no harm and result in health benefits for the host in whom they live. There are several different strains that live in our digestive tracts.

Altered gut bacteria and alteration in the gut immune system (in which the bacteria play an important role) may contribute to the development of Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Most reviews of the scientific research show that probiotics are beneficial for IBS symptoms, abdominal pain and digestive wind (flatulence). More recently the research shows that specific strains of friendly bacteria can improve symptoms more effectively. The specific strain combination of probiotics was shown to improve the symptoms of IBS, quality of life, satisfaction with bowel habits and reduced the number of days of abdominal pain.

Speak to your naturopath about which probiotics may be beneficial for the management of IBS. Quality and strength of available products also vary. Often practitioner prescribed formulas are superior.